The Debut Single Out this November!

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When you play lots of shows with bands you love, you eventually talk about the bands you mutually enjoy over a beer at the back of the club. This is what happened in 2012 at the now defunct club Radio in Somerville, MA. Sharing a love for big vocal harmonies, the cosmic canyon rock sound of The Jayhawks and Wilco, and the television series Newhart – Other Brother Darryl came to be.  A talk at each passing show and 9 years gone, Dave Mirabella (The Rationales) Dan Nicklin (Oldjack) and Nate Leavitt began writing their debut record, Roll Shine Roll.  Recorded at Henley Row Studios, rounding out the band are house drummer Dan Cederholm and a cast of New England all stars. Roll Shine Roll baby!

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