Other Brother Darryl are a Boston-based alt-country supergroup made up of singer-songwriters Dan Nicklin, Nate Leavitt, Dave Mirabella and Dan Cedarholm. First coming together over a love of big folk harmonies, the cosmic canyon rock sound of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Jayhawks, and the television series Newhart, the seeds of Other Brother Darryl were first conceptualized back in 2012 at the defunct Somerville rock club Radio, where each member would perform frequently with their respective projects. An endless string of conversations, local Boston rock shows, and beers would line the next several years, and in 2019, Other Brother Darryl would make good on a promise to each other to bring their collective creative vision to life and write and record the album they were always meant to.  Other Brother Darryl released their debut single, “Until I Do,” b/w “The Ballad of Joni & Graham,” in November of 2022.  Debut record Roll Shine Roll, recorded at Nicklin’s Henley Row Studios, is set for 2023 release, and it is dedicated to fallen bandmate and close friend Dave Mirabella, who passed away suddenly in April of 2022.

“Other Brother Darryl picks up the thread of new Americana that bands like Wilco have returned to respectability in the new millennium.” Hump Day News